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1.B.27 The Helicobacter Outer Membrane Porin (Hop) Family


The Hop family consists of 31 outer membrane proteins in Helicobacter pylori. Five such proteins, HopA-HopE have been shown to function as porins both in bacterial outer membranes and in reconstituted planar bilayer membranes. The HopE protein appears to form a β-barrel with 16 transmembrane amphipathic β-strands. It is the smallest of the characterized Hop family members, but it forms the largest channels with a single channel conductance of 1.5 nS in 1M KCl (Bina et al. 2000).

The generalized transport reaction catalyzed by Hop family porins is:

solute (out) solute (periplasm)

References associated with 1.B.27 family:

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