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Mutacin 1140 (MU1140) precursor (homologous to several lantibiotics (Smith et al., 2008)).  MU1140-lipid II complexes form water permeating membrane pores (Pokhrel et al. 2019). A single chain of MU1140 complexed with lipid II allows transport across the membrane via a single-file water transport mechanism. The ordering of the water molecules in the single-file chain region as well as the diffusion behavior is similar to those observed in other biological water channels. Multiple complexes of MU1140-lipid II in the membrane showed enhanced permeability for the water molecules, as well as a noticeable membrane distortion and lipid relocation, suggesting that a higher concentration of MU1140 assembly in the membrane can cause significant disruption of the bacterial membrane (Pokhrel et al. 2019).

Accession Number:O68586
Protein Name:Mutacin 1140
Molecular Weight:6968.00
Species:Streptococcus mutans [1309]
Location1 / Topology2 / Orientation3: Secreted1
Substrate small molecules, electrolytes, water

Cross database links:

Pfam: PF02052   

Gene Ontology

GO:0005102 F:receptor binding
GO:0019835 P:cytolysis
GO:0050830 P:defense response to Gram-positive bacterium

References (3)

[1] “Genetic and biochemical analysis of mutacin 1140, a lantibiotic from Streptococcus mutans.”  Hillman   9596742
[2] “Purification of mutacin III from group III Streptococcus mutans UA787 and genetic analyses of mutacin III biosynthesis genes.”  Qi   10473390
[3] “Covalent structure of mutacin 1140 and a novel method for the rapid identification of lantibiotics.”  Smith   11082191

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