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CAAX Superfamily

The CAAX Superfamily has been described: PMID: 21570408, Members of this family include proteases in families 1.A.54, 2.A.133, 3.A.11 and 3.A.15. All members of the families listed in this superfamily are peptidase, many of them being signal peptidases.

9.B.1 - The Integral Membrane CAAX Protease (CAAX Protease) Family
9.B.2 - The Integral Membrane CAAX Protease-2 (CAAX Protease2) Family
9.B.217 - The Transmembrane PrsW Protease (PrsW) Family
9.B.218 - The DUF2324 Family of Putative Integral Membrane Metaloproteases (IMMP) Family
9.B.220 - The CAAX Protease Self-Immunity (CAAX-PSI) Family
9.B.252 - The Peptidase from Unculturable Bacteria-6 (PUB6) Family