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The Alzheimer’s disease amyloid β-protein (Aβpeptide; precursor: App, γ-secretase) (42aas) (3-d structure is known from NMR spectroscopy (1Z0Q_A; Jang et al., 2007; Zheng et al., 2008)).  This peptide is derived from the amyloid βA4 protein isoform f (NP_001129602)) which forms variable oligomeric toxic pores leading to cytosolic calcium elevation and Alzheimer's disease (Demuro et al., 2011). The monomer of Ass1-42 normally activates type-1 insulin-like growth factor receptors and enhances glucose uptake in neurons and peripheral cells by promoting the translocation of the Glut3 glucose transporter from the cytosol to the plasma membrane (Giuffrida et al. 2015). At nanomolar concentrations, APPsα is an allosteric activator of α7-nAcChR (see TC family 1.A.9), mediated by the C-terminal 16 aas (CTα16) (Korte 2019).

Accession Number:P05067
Protein Name:Amyloid beta A4 protein
Molecular Weight:86943.00
Species:Homo sapiens (Human) [9606]
Number of TMSs:1
Location1 / Topology2 / Orientation3: Membrane1 / Single-pass type I membrane protein2
Substrate ions

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RefSeq: NP_000475.1    NP_001129601.1    NP_001129602.1    NP_958816.1    NP_958817.1   
Entrez Gene ID: 351   
Pfam: PF02177    PF10515    PF03494    PF00014   
OMIM: 104300  phenotype
104760  gene+phenotype
605714  phenotype
KEGG: hsa:351   

Gene Ontology

GO:0030424 C:axon
GO:0009986 C:cell surface
GO:0005905 C:coated pit
GO:0043198 C:dendritic shaft
GO:0043197 C:dendritic spine
GO:0005576 C:extracellular region
GO:0005794 C:Golgi apparatus
GO:0005887 C:integral to plasma membrane
GO:0031093 C:platelet alpha granule lumen
GO:0033130 F:acetylcholine receptor binding
GO:0003677 F:DNA binding
GO:0008201 F:heparin binding
GO:0042802 F:identical protein binding
GO:0046872 F:metal ion binding
GO:0004867 F:serine-type endopeptidase inhibitor activity
GO:0008344 P:adult locomotory behavior
GO:0008088 P:axon cargo transport
GO:0016199 P:axon midline choice point recognition
GO:0007155 P:cell adhesion
GO:0006878 P:cellular copper ion homeostasis
GO:0048669 P:collateral sprouting in the absence of injury
GO:0016358 P:dendrite development
GO:0006897 P:endocytosis
GO:0030198 P:extracellular matrix organization
GO:0000085 P:G2 phase of mitotic cell cycle
GO:0035235 P:ionotropic glutamate receptor signaling pat...
GO:0007617 P:mating behavior
GO:0006378 P:mRNA polyadenylation
GO:0051402 P:neuron apoptosis
GO:0016322 P:neuron remodeling
GO:0007219 P:Notch signaling pathway
GO:0045931 P:positive regulation of mitotic cell cycle
GO:0006468 P:protein amino acid phosphorylation
GO:0007176 P:regulation of epidermal growth factor recep...
GO:0040014 P:regulation of multicellular organism growth
GO:0050803 P:regulation of synapse structure and activity
GO:0006417 P:regulation of translation
GO:0008542 P:visual learning

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