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35 component system: The Nuclear Pore Complex (NPC) Family

P06704 Cell division control protein 31
Q12315 Nucleoporin GLE1
P40066 Nucleoporin GLE2
Q99257 Mex67 r and m RNA export factor
Q02455 Protein MLP1
P34232 Mtr2 r and m RNA export regulator
P32500 Nucleoporin NDC1
P34077 Nucleoporin NIC96
P14907 Nucleoporin NSP1
P20676 Nucleoporin NUP1
P32499 Nucleoporin NUP2
P49686 Nucleoporin NUP42
Q02199 Nucleoporin NUP49/NSP49
Q03790 Nucleoporin NUP53
P48837 Nucleoporin NUP57
Q05166 Nucleoporin ASM4
P39705 Nucleoporin NUP60
P40368 Nucleoporin NUP82
P52891 Nucleoporin NUP84
P46673 Nucleoporin NUP85
Q02629 Nucleoporin NUP100/NSP100
Q02630 Nucleoporin NUP116/NSP116
P35729 Nucleoporin NUP120
P36161 Nucleoporin NUP133
P49687 Nucleoporin NUP145
P40064 Nucleoporin NUP157
P40477 Nucleoporin NUP159
P38181 Nucleoporin NUP170
P52593 Nucleoporin NUP188
P47054 Nucleoporin NUP192
Q12445 Nucleoporin POM34
P39685 Nucleoporin POM152
P53011 Nucleoporin SEH1
P40548 HSP70 co-chaperone SNL1
Q06159 Autophagy-related protein 39