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29 component system: The Nuclear Pore Complex (NPC) Family

G0S4T0 Nucleoporin NUP192
G0SAK3 Nucleoporin NUP145
G0S450 Nucleoporin SEH1
G0S7F3 Nucleoporin GLE1
G0SEA3 Nucleoporin GLE2
G0S235 Nucleoporin NDC1
G0S4F3 Nucleoporin NUP82
G0SB44 Nucleoporin POM152
G0SA60 Protein transport protein SEC13
G0S381 Nucleoporin AMO1
G0SBQ3 Nucleoporin NSP1
G0SDP9 Nucleoporin NUP152
G0SBS8 Nucleoporin NUP159
G0S156 Nucleoporin NUP53
G0S4X2 Nucleoporin NUP49
G0S0R2 Nucleoporin NUP57
G0S8I1 Nucleoporin NUP56
G0S2G1 Protein ELYS
G0S024 Nucleoporin NIC96
G0S0E7 Nucleoporin NUP120
G0S9A7 Nucleoporin NUP133
G0S7B6 Nucleoporin NUP170
G0SFH5 Nucleoporin NUP188
G0SER9 Nucleoporin NUP84
G0SDQ4 Nucleoporin NUP85
G0S2X1 Nucleoporin NUP37
G0S6T0 Nucleoporin POM33
G0S7R3 Nucleoporin POM34
G0SA56 Protein MLP1 homolog