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The epidermal plasma membrane cuticular lipid (wax) exporters, ABCG11/ABCG11 and ABCG11/ABCG12; ABCG11 is also called Wbc11; Desperado (DSO); COF1; PEL1. ABCG12 is also called CER5, WBC12 and D3 (Panikashvili and Aharoni 2008).  Required for the cuticle and pollen coat development by controlling cutin and possibly wax transport to the extracellular matrix. Involved in developmental plasticity and stress responses (Bird et al. 2007).  ABCG11 can traffic to the plasma membrane in the absence of ABCG12 and can form flexible dimers. By contrast, ABCG12 was retained in the endoplasmic reticulum in the absence of ABCG11, indicating that ABCG12 can only form dimers with ABCG11 in the plasm membrane of epidermal cells. Some ABCG proteins may be promiscuous, having multiple partnerships, while others may form obligate heterodimers for specialized functions (McFarlane et al. 2010).

Accession Number:Q8RXN0
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Substrate wax

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