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16 component system: The Bacterial Competence-related DNA Transformation Transporter (DNA-T) Family

Q5SGW2 Competence protein ComEC
Q9EYM5 Competence factor ComEA
Q8VRK4 Competence protein DprA
Q8KPZ4 Prepilin-like protein
Q8KPZ3 Prepilin-like protein
Q8KPZ2 Prepilin-like protein
Q8VRL2 Leader peptidase PilD
Q8VRL1 ATP binding motif-containing protein PilF
Q8VRL3 Competence protein PilC
Q72IW4 Competence protein pilQ
Q8VRL8 Competence protein PilM
Q8VRL7 Competence protein PilN
F6DIG5 PilO; competence protein PilO
F6DIG6 PilW; competence protein PilW