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The nuclear mRNA Export Complex (mRNA-E also called TREX) (including the exon junction complex) [TAP+p15 interact as a complex with the nuclear pore to facilitate mRNA transport to the cytoplasm] (Nojimma et al. 2007; Cheng et al., 2006)

Metazoa, Chordata
The mRNA-E complex of Homo sapiens
Exon junction complex proteins
eIF4A3 (Eukaryotic initiation factor 4A, isoform3; ATP-dep. RNA helicase) (P38919)
RNA binding protein Y14 (8A) (Q9Y5S9)
Magoh (P61326)
MLN51 (O15234)
Auxiliary Proteins
REF (Nuclear RNA Export Factor) (Q9UBU9)
UAP56 (RNA helicase) (Q13838)
RNPS1 (RNA-binding protein/ser-rich) (Q15287)
SRm160 (ser/arg repetitive matrix protein of 160 kDa) (Q8IYB3)
Pinin (Nuclear protein SDK3) (Q9H307)
Acinus L (Apoptotic Chromatin Condensation inducer) (Q9UKV3)
SAP18 (Sin 3-associated protein, p18 (O00422)
hUpf3 (mRNA decapping protein) (Q9NPI6)
TAP (mRNA export factor) (Q9UBU9)
p15 (Forms a heterodimer with TAP) (P13986)
Nuclear cap binding protein of 80kDa, CBP80 (Q09161)
RNA-binding protein, Aly (Tho4) (Q86V81)
Gle1 (Q53GS7)
Dbp5 (Son) (P18583)