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8 component system: The H+- or Na+-translocating F-type, V-type and A-type ATPase (F-ATPase) Superfamily

P0A6E6 ATP synthase epsilon chain ATPE aka ATPC aka UNCC aka PAPG aka B3731
P0AB98 ATP synthase a chain ATP6 aka ATPB aka UNCB aka PAPD aka B3738
P0ABA0 ATP synthase B chain ATPF aka UNCF aka PAPF aka B3736
P0ABA4 ATP synthase delta chain ATPD aka ATPH aka UNCH aka PAPE aka B3735
P0ABA6 ATP synthase gamma chain ATPG aka UNCG aka PAPC aka B3733
P0ABB0 ATP synthase subunit alpha ATPA aka UNCA aka PAPA aka B3734
P0ABB4 ATP synthase subunit beta ATPB aka ATPD aka UNCD aka PAPB aka B3732
P68699 ATP synthase C chain ATPL aka ATPE aka UNCE aka PAPH aka B3737