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12 component system: The H+- or Na+-translocating F-type, V-type and A-type ATPase (F-ATPase) Superfamily

P00830 ATP2 aka ATPB aka YJR121W aka J2041
P00854 ATP6 aka OLI2 aka OLI4 aka PHO1 aka Q0085
P00856 ATP8 aka AAP1
P05626 ATP4 aka ATPF aka YPL078C aka LPF7C
P07251 ATP1 aka ATPA aka YBL099W aka YBL0827
P09457 ATP5 aka ATPO aka OSCP aka YDR298C aka D9740.11
P21306 ATP15 aka ATPE aka YPL271W
P30902 ATP7 aka YKL016C
P38077 ATP3 aka ATPG aka YBR039W aka YBR0408
P61829 ATP9 aka OLI1 aka OLI2 aka OLI3
Q12165 ATP16 aka ATPD aka YDL004W aka YD8119.03 aka D2935
Q12349 ATP14 aka AT14 aka YLR295C aka L8003.20