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15 component system: The H+- or Na+-translocating F-type, V-type and A-type ATPase (F-ATPase) Superfamily

P16140 VMA2 aka VATB aka VAT2 aka YBR127C aka YBR1002
P17255 VMA1 aka VATA aka TFP1 aka CLS8 aka YDL185W aka D1286 aka VDE
P22203 VMA4 aka VATE aka VAT5 aka YOR332W
P23968 PPA1 aka VMA16 aka VATO aka YHR026W
P25515 CUP5 aka VMA3 aka VATL aka CLS7 aka GEF2 aka YEL027W
P31412 VMA5 aka VATC aka VAT3 aka YKL080W aka YKL410
P32366 VMA6 aka VA0D aka YLR447C aka L9324.8
P32563 VPH1 aka YOR270C
P32610 VMA8 aka VATD aka YEL051W aka SYGP-ORF11
P32842 VMA11 aka VM11 aka TFP3 aka CLS9 aka YPL234C aka P1064
P39111 VMA7 aka VATF aka YGR020C
P41807 VMA13 aka VATH aka CLS11 aka YPR036W aka YP3085.02
P48836 VMA10 aka VATG aka YHR039BC
P37296 V-type proton ATPase subunit a, Golgi isoform
Q3E7B6 V-type proton ATPase subunit e