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18 component system: The Type IV (Conjugal DNA-Protein Transfer or VirB) Secretory Pathway (IVSP) Family

Q5G3L7 PcfY
Q5G3N9 PcfC
Q5G3N8 PcfD
Q7X5P3 PcfG
Q5G3N1 PcfK
Q5G3N2 PcfJ
Q5G3M0 PcfV
Q5G3P0 PcfB
Q5G3N6 PcfF
Q5G3M7 PcfO
Q5G3P1 PcfA
Q5G3L8 PcfX
Q5G3M4 PcfR
Q5G3M1 PcfU
Q5G3N0 PcfL
Q5G3N4 PcfH
Q5G3M3 Single-stranded DNA-binding protein
Q5G3M2 PcfT