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24 component system: The Mitochondrial Protein Translocase (MPT) Family

O74700 Tim9 YEL020W-A aka YEL020BW
P07213 Tom70 aka MAS70 aka OMP1 aka YNL121C aka N1905
P23644 Tom40 aka ISP42 aka MOM38 aka YMR203W aka YM8325.04
P32897 Tim23 aka MAS6 aka MPI3 aka MIM23 aka YNR017W aka N3180
P33448 Tom6 aka ISP6 aka YOR045W
P35180 Tom20 aka MAS20 aka MOM19 aka YGR082W
P36046 Mia40 aka Tim40
P38523 Mge1 aka GRPE aka YOR232W
P39515 Tim17 aka MPI2 aka MIM17 aka SMS1 aka YJL143W aka J0648
P42834 Mdj2 aka YNL328C
P42949 Tim16 aka PAM16
P47045 Tim54 aka YJL054W aka J1150
P49334 Tom22 aka MAS22 aka MAS17 aka MOM22 aka YNL131W aka N1217
P53220 Tim21 aka YGR033C
P53299 Tim13 aka YGR181W aka G7157
P53507 Tom7 aka MOM7 aka YNL070W aka N2378
P57744 Tim8 aka YJR135W-A aka YJR135BW
P80967 Tom5 aka MOM8A aka YPR133W-A
P87108 Tim10 aka MRS11 aka YHR005C-A aka YHR005BC
Q01852 Tim44 aka MPI1 aka MIM44 aka ISP45 aka YIL022W
Q02776 Tim50 aka YPL063W
Q07914 Tim14 aka PAM18 aka YLR008C
Q08749 Tim18 aka YOR297C
Q12328 Tim22 aka YDL217C aka D0884