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Chloroplast envelope protein translocase (CEPT); outer membrane complex. The Tic20-like protein (acc # AUO68237.1; 413 aas, 6 TMSs in a 1 TMS (N-terminal) + 5 TMSs (C-terminal)), of the lower brown alga, Saccharina japonica, has been characterized (Chen et al. 2019).

The Toc (Translocase of the outer chloroplast membrane) complex of Pisum sativum (pea)
Toc75 (IAP75; OEP75) (16 β-strand porin) (O43715);
Toc(IAP)34/36 (receptor, GTP-binding protein and preprotein-activated GTPase);
Toc(IAP)86/159 (major import receptor; GTP-binding protein);
Toc(IAP)64 (surface docking protein) The Tic (Translocase of the inner chloroplast membrane) complex of Pisum sativum
Tic110 (IAP100; IEP110) (recognizes preproteins; the probable channel; the C-terminal 700 residues form β-stranded cation-selective channels) (O24303);
Tic22 (peripheral intermembrane protein);
Tic20 (integral membrane protein);
Tic55 (possible redox sensor)
Tic62 (possible redox sensor)
Tic40 (stromal chaperone protein recruiter)
hsp70 (stromal ATPase chaperone)
OEP80 (P0C891) 

The chloroplast envelope TIC translocase (TIC) complex. Tic21, Tic20-I, Tic214, Tic100 and Tic56 plus Toc components comprise a 1 Md complex in the membrane with each component being present in stoichiometric amounts (Teng et al. 2006; Kikuchi et al. 2013).  A 1-megadalton complex consisting of Tic21, Tic20, Tic56, Tic100, and Tic214 has been identified in the chloroplast inner membrane (Nakai 2015).

The Tic complex of Arabidopsis thaliana
Tic214 (Ycf1) (1,786aas; 6 N-terminal TMSs) (P56785)
Tic100 (871aas) (Q8LPR8)
Tic56 (527aas) (Q7Y1Z4)
Tic20-I (274aas; 5 TMSs) (Q8GZ79)
Tic21 (296 aas; 4 TMSs) (Q9SHU7)
Tic40 (447aas) (Q9FMD5)
Tic110 (1,061aas; 2 TMSs) (Q8LPR9)
TicLTD (175aas) (GDC1) (Q8VY88)
ClpC1 Chloroplastic chaperone (929aas) (Q9FI56)
ClpC2 Chloroplastic chaperone (952aas) (Q9SXJ7)