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13 component system: The H+ or Na+-translocating NADH Dehydrogenase (NDH) Family

P0AFC3 NUOA aka B2288
P0AFC7 NUOB aka B2287
P0AFD1 NUOE aka B2285
P0AFD4 NUOH aka B2282
P0AFD6 NUOI aka B2281
P0AFE0 NUOJ aka b2280
P0AFE4 NUOK aka B2279
P0AFE8 NUOM aka B2277
P0AFF0 NUON aka B2276
P31979 NUOF aka B2284
P33599 NUCD aka NUOC aka NUOCD aka NUOD aka B2286
P33602 NUOG aka B2283
P33607 NUOL aka B2278