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14 component system: The H+ or Na+-translocating NADH Dehydrogenase (NDH) Family

Q746S3 NuoA aka GSU3445
Q746S9 NuoG aka GSU3439
Q746T2 NuoH aka GSU3436
Q746T4 NuoI aka GSU3434
Q746T5 NuoJ aka GSU3433
Q746T7 NuoL aka GSU3431
Q746T8 NuoM aka GSU3430
Q746T9 NuoN aka GSU3429
Q74GA3 NuoF aka GSU0343
Q74GA4 NuoE aka GSU0342
Q74GA5 NuoD aka GSU0341
Q74GA6 NuoC aka GSU0340
Q74GA7 NuoB aka GSU0339
Q746T6 NADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit K 2