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13 component system: The H+-translocating F420H2 Dehydrogenase (F420H2DH) Family

Q8PU59 F(420)H(2) oxidoreductase subunit H
Q9P9F1 FpoF
Q9P9F2 FpoO aka MM2479
Q9P9F3 FpoN aka MM2480
Q9P9F4 FpoM aka MM2481
Q9P9F5 FpoL aka MM2482
Q9P9F6 FpoK aka MM2483
Q9P9F7 FpoJ
Q9P9F8 FpoI
Q9P9G0 FpoD aka MM2488
Q9P9G1 FpoC aka MM2489
Q9P9G2 FpoB aka MM2490
Q9P9G3 FpoA