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The transmembrane electron carrier system, HmcABCDEF (Pires et al. 2006). Probably transfers electrons from the periplasm to the cytoplasm; involved in H2 oxidation (periplasm) and sulfate reduction (cytoplasm). HmcA of 545 aas and 1 TMS; similar to proteins in TC#s 9.B.11 and 9.B.5. HmcB of 370 aas and 2 TMSs; similar to proteins in TC#s 5.A.3 and 5.B.12.  HmcC of 388 aas; similar to proteins in TC# 5.A.3.  HmcD of 47 aas and 1 TMS. TmcE of 226 aas and 5 or 6 TMSs; similar to proteins in TC#s 5.B.11 and 3.D.7, and possibly to proteins in 5.B.3.  TmcF of 461 aas and 0 TMSs; similar to proteins in TC#s 5.B.11, 5.B.12 and 3.D.7.

HmcABCDEF of Desulfovibrio vulgaris

The HmcABCDEF transmembrane electron flow complex (Dörries et al. 2016).

HmcABCDEF of Desulfococcus multivorans
HmcA, AOY57585, 543 aas and 1 TMS
HmcB, AOY57586. 318 aas and 1 - 3 TMSs
HmcC, AOY57587, 409 aas and 10 TMSs
HmcD, AOY57588, 43 aas and 1 TMS
HmcE, AOY57589, 229 aas and 5 TMSs
HmcF, AOY57590, 464 aas, a cytoplasdmic iron-sulfur protein