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Glycosyl/Acyl Transferase (GAT) Superfamily

These integral membrane proteins vary in numbers of TMSs but usually have more than 8. They have been annotated as either acyl transferases or glycosyl transferases. This superfamily may included many TC families in section 9.B.

9.B.142 - The Integral membrane Glycosyltransferase family 39 (GT39) Family
9.B.144 - The DUF3367 (DUF3367) Family
9.B.183 - The Wzy Glycosyltransferase (EpsG) Family,
9.B.225 - The Mannosyl Transferase (MptB) Family
9.B.239 - The Uncharacterized Bacterial 10 - 13 TMS Protein (UBP2) Family
9.B.346 - The Uncharacterized Archaeal 4 or 6 TMS Protein (UA4,6P) Family