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AAA-ATPase Superfamily

These ATPase are found as coomponents of several protein secretion systems as well as synaptosomal fusion systems. All of these systems are multi-component systems where the ATPases play energizing roles. See Miller JM, Enemark EJ., Fundamental Characteristics of AAA+ Protein Family Structure and Function. Archaea. 2016 PMID: 27703410.

1.R.1 - The Membrane Contact Site (MCS) Family
3.A.16 - The Endoplasmic Reticular Retrotranslocon (ER-RT) Family
3.A.20 - The Peroxisomal Protein Importer (PPI) Family
3.A.24 - The Type VII or ESX Protein Secretion System (T7SS) Family
3.A.25 - The Symbiont-specific ERAD-like Machinery (SELMA) Family
3.A.28 - The AAA-ATPase, Bcs1 (Bcs1) Family
3.A.29 - The Mitochondrial Inner Membrane i-AAA Protease Complex (MIMP) Family
3.A.31 - The Endosomal Sorting Complexes Required for Transport III (ESCRT-III) Family