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Ankyrin Repeat Domain-containing (Ank) Superfamily

The Ankyrin Repeat Domain-containing (Ank) Superfamily is a domain found in at least some proteins in the following TC families:

1.A.105 - The Mixed Lineage Kinase Domain-like (MLKL) Family
1.C.63 - The α-Latrotoxin (Latrotoxin) Family
1.C.104 - The Heterokaryon Incompatibility Prion/Amyloid Protein (HET-s) Family
1.I.1 - The Nuclear Pore Complex (NPC) Family
3.A.5 - The General Secretory Pathway (Sec) Family
8.A.28 - The Ankyrin (Ankyrin) Family
8.A.35 - The Mycobacterial Membrane Protein Small (MmpS) Family
9.A.43 - The Cadmium Tolerance Efflux Pump (CTEP) Family
9.B.87 - The Selenoprotein P Receptor (SelP-Receptor) Family