1.B.90.  The Putative Trichomonas Porin-1 (T-Porin-1) Family. 

This family of putative porins is believed to be present in hydrogenosomes of Trichomonas species (Rada et al. 2011). The protein from T. vaginalis is predicted to have 16 transmembrane β-strands.



Rada, P., P. Doležal, P.L. Jedelský, D. Bursac, A.J. Perry, M. Šedinová, K. Smíšková, M. Novotný, N.C. Beltrán, I. Hrdý, T. Lithgow, and J. Tachezy. (2011). The core components of organelle biogenesis and membrane transport in the hydrogenosomes of Trichomonas vaginalis. PLoS One 6: e24428.


TC#NameOrganismal TypeExample

Putative Trichomonas Hydrogenosome Porin-1 of 302 aas and 16 predicted β-strands (Rada et al. 2011).

Porin-1 of Trichomonas vaginalis


Homologue of Porin 1 of 397 aas and 17 predicted transmembrane β-strands.

Porin-1 of Tritrichomonas foetus