4.A.4 The PTS Glucitol (Gut) Family

The Gut family consists only of glucitol-specific porters, but these occur both in Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria. IIGut of E. coli consists of three proteins, a IIA protein, a putative 4 TMS IIC2 protein and a putative 4 TMS IIC1 protein (Nguyen et al., 2006). The N- and C-termini as well as the IIB domain may thereby be localized to the cell cytoplasm, but the topology has not been established experimentally. IIAGut is believed to be phosphorylated on a histidyl residue, while IIBGut is probably phosphorylated on a cysteyl residue. However, these possibilities have not been demonstrated experimentally.

This family belongs to the PTS-GFL Superfamily.



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TC#NameOrganismal TypeExample
4.A.4.1.1Glucitol porter (also transports 2-C-methyl-D-erythritol, an isoprenoid biosynthetic precursor; Testa et al., 2004)Bacteria and phosphorylates Glucitol IIBC1-IIC2-IIA complex of E. coli

The Glucitol Enzyme II complex, IICBC (GutA1A2) IIA (GutB) 


GutA1A2B of Clostridium beijerinckii 
GutA1 (O32332)
GutA2 (O32333)
GutB (O32334)