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1.B.80 The Putative Trans-Outer Membrane Electron Flow Porin (TOM-EF) Family

Putative porins of 400 - 450 aas with an N-terminal hydrophobic leader sequence followed by about 20 β-strands, probably in a β-barrel, comprise this family.  They are constituents of functionally characterized transmembrane electron flow complexes, also including periplasmic and outer membrane cytochrome c homologues.  These complexes are presented in a family with TC#5.B.8.  See this TC family for a more detailed description (Liu et al. 2015). 

CDD recognizes these proteins as members of Porin Superfamily I (see superfamily hyperlink in TCDB).  It is not expected that all of these porins function in trans outer membrane electron flow, but this possibility has yet to be tested.

References associated with 1.B.80 family:

Liu, Y., J.K. Fredrickson, J.M. Zachara, and L. Shi. (2015). Direct involvement of ombB, omaB, and omcB genes in extracellular reduction of Fe(III) by Geobacter sulfurreducens PCA. Front Microbiol 6: 1075. 26483786