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9.B.52 The Outer Membrane Protein YaiO (YaiO) Family 

The YaiO integral membrand barrel protein of E. coli has been shown to be present in the outer membrane (Marani et al. 2006). All members of the family have an N-terminal transmembrane targetting TMS and 14, 13 or 12 putative TM β-strands. Although a few members of the family are annotated as acyl transferases, and others are annotated as outer membrane lipoproteins, most of them are annotated as YaiO family members.  No published functional data establish the porin activity of YaiO, but homology with several established porins of the Outer Membrane Pore-forming Protein (OMPP) Superfamily I and its predicted topology has led to the conclusion that YaiO is a functional β-barrel porin. This family was formerly assigned TC# 9.B.52.

References associated with 1.B.95 family:

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