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2.A.70 The Malonate:Na+ Symporter (MSS) Family

The monobasic malonate:Na+ symporter of Malonomonas rubra has been functionally and genetically characterized. It consists of two integral membrane proteins, MadL (129 aas) and MadM (255 aas) which exhibit 4 and 7 putative transmembrane spanners, respectively. The transporter is believed to catalyze the electroneutral reversible uptake of H+-malonate with one Na+, and both subunits have been shown to be essential for activity. There is a close two-subunit homologue in Pseudomonas putida (gbAB017138) which is encoded within the malonate decarboxylase gene cluster of this organism (Chohnan et al., 1999). These proteins apparently comprise a new family of secondary carriers as PSI-BLAST searches do not reveal that they are members of other established families. The NapA Na+/H+ antiporter of Enterococcus hirae (spP26235; CPA2 family, TC #2.A.37) appears to be distantly related to MadM.

The transport reaction catalyzed by MadLM is:

H+ malonate (out) + Na+ (out) ⇌ H+ malonate (in) + Na+ (in).

This family belongs to the: CPA Superfamily.

References associated with 2.A.70 family:

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