2.A.14 The Lactate Permease (LctP) Family

Proteins of the LctP family have been found in Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria as well as archaea. One member of the family, from E. coli, is the lactate:H+ symporter (Dong et al., 1993). Two closely related paralogues have been found encoded within the E. coli genome, and one of these has been shown to be the glycolate uptake permease (Nunez et al., 2001). Both permeases transport the same acids (L- and D-lactate as well as glycolate), but their physiological substrates differ. The lactate permease transports both L- and D-lactate while the glycolate permease transports glycolate under physiological conditions. Regulatory effects determine the substrates transported in vivo.

Transport reactions catalyzed by functionally characterized members of the LctP family include:

D- or L-lactate or glycolate (out) + H+ (out) → D- or L-lactate or glycolate (in) + H+ (in).

This family belongs to the IT Superfamily.



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TC#NameOrganismal TypeExample

Lactate permease, LctP or LidP (substrates: L-lactate, D-lactate and glycolate) (Núñez et al. 2002).


LctP (LldP) of E. coli


Glycolate permease, GlcA or YghK (substrates: L-lactate, D-lactate and glycolate). 
Encoded in an operon with malate synthase and glycolate oxidase (Moraes and Reithmeier 2012).


GlcA or YghK of E. coli

2.A.14.1.3L-lactate permeaseBacilliLutP of Bacillus subtilis
2.A.14.1.4Putative transporterArchaeaPutative transporter of Methanopyrus kandleri (gi 20095088)

TC#NameOrganismal TypeExample
2.A.14.2.1Unknown permease Archaea LctP homologue of Sulfolobus solfataricus

Lactate porter, LldP, of 569 aas and 15 or 16 TMSs in a 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 or 4 TMS arrangement (Dörries et al. 2016).

LldT of Desulfococcus multivorans