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IT Superfamily

Prakash S, Cooper G, Singhi S, Saier MH. The ion transporter superfamily. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2003 Dec 3;1618(1):79-92.

Chen, J.S., V. Reddy, J.H. Chen, M.A. Shlykov, W.H. Zheng, J. Cho, M.R. Yen, and M.H. Saier, Jr. (2011). Phylogenetic characterization of transport protein superfamilies: superiority of SuperfamilyTree programs over those based on multiple alignments. J. Mol. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 21: 83-96.

2.A.8 - The Gluconate:H+ Symporter (GntP) Family
2.A.11 - The Citrate-Mg2+:H+ (CitM) Citrate-Ca2+:H+ (CitH) Symporter (CitMHS) Family
2.A.13 - The C4-Dicarboxylate Uptake (Dcu) Family
2.A.14 - The Lactate Permease (LctP) Family
2.A.28 - The Bile Acid:Na+ Symporter (BASS) Family
2.A.34 - The NhaB Na+:H+ Antiporter (NhaB) Family
2.A.35 - The NhaC Na+:H+ Antiporter (NhaC) Family
2.A.45 - The Arsenite-Antimonite (ArsB) Efflux Family
2.A.47 - The Divalent Anion:Na+ Symporter (DASS) Family
2.A.56 - The Tripartite ATP-independent Periplasmic Transporter (TRAP-T) Family
2.A.59 - The Arsenical Resistance-3 (ACR3) Family
2.A.61 - The C4-dicarboxylate Uptake C (DcuC) Family
2.A.62 - The NhaD Na+:H+ Antiporter (NhaD) Family
2.A.68 - The p-Aminobenzoyl-glutamate Transporter (AbgT) Family
2.A.94 - The Phosphate Permease (Pho1) Family
2.A.101 - The Malonate Uptake (MatC) Family (Formerly UIT1)
2.A.111 - The Na+/H+ Antiporter-E (NhaE) Family
2.A.118 - The Basic Amino Acid Antiporter (ArcD) Family