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8.B.34.  The Sigma-Conotoxin (Sigma-Conotoxin) Family

Sigma-conotoxins bind and inhibit serotonin-gated ion channels. These peptides selectively and reversibly inhibit 5-hydroxytryptamine 3 receptors (HTR3A) through competitive antagonism (IC50=53-86.8 nM) (England et al. 1998).

This family belongs to the: Conotoxin Superfamily.

References associated with 8.B.34 family:

England, L.J., J. Imperial, R. Jacobsen, A.G. Craig, J. Gulyas, M. Akhtar, J. Rivier, D. Julius, and B.M. Olivera. (1998). Inactivation of a serotonin-gated ion channel by a polypeptide toxin from marine snails. Science 281: 575-578. 9677203