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9.B.179 The MscS/DUF475 (DUF475) Family

The DUF475 family consists of proteins primarily from Actinobacteria but possibly also Firmicutes.  They have 4 N-terminal TMSs that may be related to MARVEL domain containing proteins (TC# 1.A.64) and pantophysins (TC# 9.B.130). The hydrophilic C-terminal domain is G/Q/P-rich and redundant.  The 34 kDa antigenic protein homolog, Rv0954, is a protein of 303 aas and 4 TMSs near the N-terminus of the protein.  This is one of several dominant glycoproteins that play roles in M. tuberculosis survival, and immunogenicity. They are glycoproteins involved in antigenicity and transport. They may play a role in athogen-host interactions and drug efflux pumps, which are considered as a feasible drug targets or TB new vaccine candidates (Yari et al. 2023).

References associated with 9.B.179 family:

Yari, S., P. Afrough, F. Yari, M. Ghazanfari Jajin, A. Fateh, and A. Hadizadeh Tasbiti. (2023). A potent subset of Mycobacterium tuberculosis glycoproteins as relevant candidates for vaccine and therapeutic target. Sci Rep 13: 22194. 38092899