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1.B.89.  The Gordonia Outer Membrane Porin (GjpA) Family 

Gordonia jacobaea, belonging to the mycolata group, includes mycolic acids in its cell wall that reduce the permeability of its envelope, requiring the presence of channel-forming proteins to allow the exchange of hydrophilic molecules with the surrounding medium. A cell-wall protein with channel-forming activity, has an average single-channel conductance of 800 pS in 1 M KCl, is moderately anion-selective, and does not show a voltage dependence for voltages between +100 and -100 mV. The channel characteristics suggest that this protein could be of relevance in the import and export of negatively charged molecules across the cell wall (Jiménez-Galisteo et al. 2017).

References associated with 1.B.89 family:

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