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11 component system: The Nuclear Pore Complex (NPC) Family

D3KYX7 Nucleoporin gp210
D3KZ16 Nucleoporin Nup155
D3KYT8 Micronuclear nucleoporin MicNup98A
D3KYT9 Nucleoporin Nup50
D3KYQ3 Macronuclear nucleoporin MacNup98A
D3KYN7 Macronuclear nucleoporin MacNup98B
D3KYY1 Nucleoporin MicNup98B-Nup96
D3KYX5 Nucleoporin Seh1
D3KZ15 Nucleoporin Nup93
D3KYX9 Nucleoporin Nup308
D3KYX8 Nucleoporin Nup54